Happy in Hungary

With the introduction of Wizz Air in Malta, the hubby and myself decided to embark on a short getaway to Budapest.

I had visited this city on an exchange programme ten years ago, when we camped for ten days in a nearby rural area. It was horrible.

It was an all vegetarian camp set on a hill. Have you ever tried to sleep in a bag on an incline? You end up rolling all over your friends and not in a good way. Therefore I had my misgivings. However I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Using Wizz Air went without a hitch (ten years ago I had to catch two planes to get there due to a conflict of dates).

Budapest is really beautiful. The best way to see the sites is through a hop-on hop-off service, which is inexpensive and often include a boat tour on the Danube.

The views from the Cittadella are fabulous and the food at the famous New York Cafe was delicious, especially the Hungarian sweet platter.

Hungarians are quite a tragic bunch. The commentator on the bus told us of a bishop who was killed by being locked in a barrel of snakes and rolling him down a hill into the Danube. Another tale was of a ‘Peasant King’ who was forced to sit on a burning thrown while coronated with a burning crown.

Putting the macabre aside, it is definitely an affordable destination and great fun for all.