Interview with Sophie DeBattista

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Where do you live:- London

Star Sign:- Aries / Taurus

Main occupation:- Part-time at Nando’s

Media-related occupation:- Singer/Songwriter

Sophie DeBattista has been into music all her life. She is a singer/songwriter currently living in London, but originally from Malta. She recently broke into the UK and has been doing lots of gigs up and down the country. Some of her highlights so far have been performing at World Pride London 2012 (Trafalgar Square) and opening the Musicalize Concert 2013 for Ciara at the IndigO2 Arena!

How did you first discover you had a talent for singing?

I first started singing for fun when I was much younger as a hobby with my sister and some friends of ours. However after a while, I realised that I was happiest whenever I was doing something related to music. So it was then that I realised I wanted to make music my career.

Are you currently working on any new items?

At the moment I have just come out of the studio after producing a song of mine with British music producers from ‘The Animal Farm’. Our next step is to create a video clip to go with it. This will be my first proper music video, so it should be great fun. Also, Summer has hit us now, so that means it’s festival time, I love a good festival!!

What’s the fashion item you couldn’t live without?

To be honest I get bored quite easily, so I’m always changing up my clothes and fashion! Something really important to me is to always have a good pair of high heels and some matching jewellery. At the moment I love my black bowler hat, it’s a great trick to cover up a bad hair day!

What role does technology play in your life?

Technology is quite important to me. I think the world has developed a lot thanks to its powers. Nowadays having access to technology is very beneficial, we are able to be in contact with anyone we like, no matter what part of the world they’re from, and I think that’s amazing.

What’s the best bargain you have ever made?

I think the best bargain I’ve made is on my Washburn Guitar. Well to be honest it wasn’t exactly a bargain, but it was given to me for half the price as a gift. Got to thank Charlie (Bandaid) for his kindness :)

What are the qualities you admire in a man?

I admire a man having a sense of humour and being a gentleman, if they look good and have a toned body, that’s a good thing too.