Hydrate or migrate!

It is summer, the heat is on, and although life slows down for some, with the introduction of half days and summer vacations, it does not stop. We still need to be up and about, running errands and the day-to-day running of our lives.

Through all the hectic hassle of getting things done in 35 degree weather, we often forget to stop for a sip of water. Which is dangerous. And also a little stupid.

In this day and age, in this technological universe, not knowing any better does not cut it anymore. The benefits of hydration should be known to all, as well as the hazards of the opposite.

I am a nurse by profession and the amount of elderly people who end up admitted due to dehydration is astounding. We give them water and perhaps an intravenous drip and they immediately feel better and more like themselves again.

Many people live on coffee and tea, even in summer. And alcohol. The problem with that is that they’re all diuretic in nature, which means they make you pee. A LOT. For every cup of coffee you need to drink six cups of water just to replenish the water you lose.

Also, there is nothing worse than dehydration headache. It is so painful, you cannot function …not to mention, skin loses its healthy glow and hair loses its moisture. And, for the ladies, a lack of water generally means you end up in cellulite city!

Therefore, raise your glass for water! Drink up everyone!