Money issues part 1

Money is the root of all evil” is a much used saying.

We are aware of greed and power in the pursuit of personal wealth, and of corruption in high places, a universal issue which conscious people from many countries come to the streets to protest about. This is the beginning of the age of more compassion. We are becoming more caring about people.

At a personal level, many, if asked, will say that what they desire most in money. Do YOU want money for the sake of money, or for what it can buy you?  Money itself is not the answer. We mostly want the ability to be free of financial worry, or to be able to buy what we actually need or want.

It is lack of money which causes problems for individuals and in relationships, especially where one lets money pass though the fingers like water.

We live in a debt culture spending a large amount of income in a lifetime in service to seemingly endless debt, and living from massive interest credit cards. Older readers will have seen house price inflation compensate for debt, but times have changed .

Some are addicted to “comfort spending” and have no idea why the wardrobes and shoe racks are full, while they can’t pay off the credit card debt.

In recession and “economic crisis” some cannot afford the debt, some will focus to pay off the card. Either way, money and debt can cause stress at home, discontent within relationships and separations. People in unhappy situations cannot afford to move to happiness.

In MONEY ISSUES Part 2, we will look at some tips about money.