Lipstick Shape Quiz


What does your lipstick shape say about you?

Did you know that just by looking at an individual’s used lipstick shape you can tell their personality traits? Have a look below and see if the description matches your character!

A. Slant close to original tip shape – You probably abide by the rules and consequently like a schedule. You are somewhat reserved and that makes you a great follower. Being a little self-conscious implies that you do not like to seek too much attention.

B. Rounded tip to a point – Lovable, family-oriented and a “doer” are very good adjectives for your personality. You sometimes exaggerate and get stubborn over little things. You crave company and need people around you all the time.

C. Rounded smooth tip – Easygoing, peacemaker and an even temper are typical characteristics of yours. You are often very steady in relationships and life in general and, overall, people find you to be likeable and generous.

D. Flat top – You need approval for every step you take and are very careful about appearance. You have high morals and are thus conservative. However, you do have a quick mind and love challenges. You are probably a very dependable person, someone people can count on in all life situations.

E. Sharp angled tip – Very opinionated and argumentative. Being high spirited, you are very outgoing but selective of friends. You like attention and dislike schedules.

F. Flat top concave – You make a great detective due to your inquisitive and adventurous nature which makes individuals like you exciting to be around. You make friends easily but can be very complex persons.

G. Sharp angled but curved tip – You are very creative and enthusiastic about everything you do. You are very talkative and love attention but at the same time very helpful. You tend to fall in love easily. Although you need a schedule, you dislike it.

H. Sharp angled both sides – Spiritual and curious, you seek attention but can come off as mysterious to other people. Despite your big ego, you are faithful and always look for the easy way out of things. Ultimately, you love life and enjoy it to the full.

What is your lipstick shape? Does the description match your personality?