The Simple Joy of Taking a Time-out

I’m one of those people who doesn’t know how to relax, who plans her life to the full, down to the last minute of every day. Whilst this sort of lifestyle has its advantages and can leave you feeling very satisfied, we all need a time-out.

I find that sometimes it’s so easy to get bogged down by life and work that inspiration and creativity get blocked. With no time to relax and sit still, there’s no time for your thoughts to wander and ideas to surface. A time-out doesn’t have to be a long planned holiday or a trip abroad. Often enough, these usually carry a fair amount of stress anyway and don’t really end up being time-outs.

For me a time-out is something akin to sitting quietly next to the sea, maybe with a book by my side that I read and put down every so often, relaxing in a garden or sipping a coffee in a tranquil café. I don’t get many opportunities to spend my time in this manner but I find that when I do, I am re energized and full of inspiration and determination. In fact, I’ve found that after a time-out I am usually more productive for some time after.

So to all those people who think that their lives are too busy to take a break, try and factor in a few little ones, you might find your overall productivity goes up rather than down.