Interview with Matt & Geez

Name – Matt

Star sign – Cancer

Occupation – Runs his own business

* * *

Name – Geez

Star sign – Cancer

Occupation – Teacher/physical trainer

* * *

What intrigued you in organising events that are not so mainstream?

Matt: Rock is still a good crowd puller. If you have the right ingredients and you deliver what you promise, yes people turn out for rock events. We play hits, just hits and anthems! People miss a good rockin’ night out, Geez and I gave the rock party scene, a breath of fresh air. We have been DJing together for over a decade and having two synced music minds feels just frickin’ awesome!

Geez: Both matt and myself felt the need to revitalize the local rock scene as there was nothing going on. Both of us were resident DJ’s at The Alley and we knew the recipe perfectly for bringing back the rock vibe again.

Let’s put Maltese rock music fans’ minds at rest – will you be into rock forever or do you see your musical tastes changing in the future? If so, would you still organise White Rock events?

Matt: First of all I can’t see myself into trance or techno (smirks). Rock has been around for decades and it’s here to stay. One must say that the quality of music is definitely inferior then that of 30 or 40 years ago. But rock still gives people a good vibe. White Rock is just one of our ventures, we cater for many type of events, ranging from weddings to corporate events. Our big project includes a great event for New Year’s Eve. so, as long as people want white rock to stay alive, we’re going to be there!

Geez: I’m quite versatile but my roots and my ‘forte’ was and will always be rock.

Who would you choose to perform at a White Rock event if you had your pick of any band, past or present, that ever existed?

Matt: If I have the power to raise the dead I would say Freddie Mercury because he was my first rock idol. I wouldn’t mind hosting him’s front-man, Ville Valo, or Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan, but that’s something along the lines of ‘the impossible dream’.

Geez: Being one of my favourite all time bands, I would go for Queen. I never had the opportunity to see them live but whenever I see their concerts on TV I get goose bumps. Freddy Mercury’s musical talent was out of this world and as a performer he was a star.

Here’s a hen and egg question for you – what do you think attracts a budding rocker first – the rock image/attitude or the music itself?

Matt:  Well, I have been into rock music since I used to DJ at The Alley in 1997. Back in the days I fell in love with the music itself. I was never the type to carry the traditional rocker image. They complement the scene but I don’t see myself in long hair and a leather jacket. But I definitely think that first you gotta love the music then comes the image. You can’t dress as a rocker and attend a house party :)

Geez: I think that both image/attitude and the music itself go hand in hand in attracting a rocker so I can’t really say that it’s one thing without the other.

Do you find yourselves drawn to or more passionate towards the classics or are you equally enthusiastic about new bands?

Matt: Personally  I am very passionate about the classics. I like to call them anthems! In fact, during the next White Rock party we will be playing only classics and rock anthems. I mean, I like the modern sound but how can I remain indifferent to something like ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or ‘Comfortably Numb’? I am also a bit into that Italian rock scene. Vasco Rossi for example wrote ‘Vita Spericolata’ just for me (and my bro Geez).

Geez: Personally, I’m a classics lover. Whenever I listen to a classic rock tune it changes my mood and gets me going. However, both Matt and myself are always on the look out for new local and foreign upcoming talent.