Telsha interviews Natalia!

Natalia is a UK based professional make-up artist inspired by Eastern and Western fusion looks. She has her own business, works in film and music videos and even has time to run a beauty advice blog. Here she talks to me about her journey, inspirations and future plans…

Who or what inspired you to get you where you are now? 

I am inspired by life and people in general. It probably sounds like a generic answer but, there are so many people in this world that have inspirational qualities – from musicians, to friends, to everyday people. Michael Jackson inspired me from a very young age. His key thought was – watch the best and be better. It was with that thought in my mind that I undertook my business tasks and carried out the first photo-shoots etc. The basis of this pushed me to strive for perfection and nothing less.

How supportive were your family when you told them you wanted to be make-up artist?

I am also very heavily inspired by my parents, who have worked extremely hard from a young age to get us to where we are today. They have shown me that hard work and determination does pay off and no matter how far you get, never forget how you got there. They have shown me nothing but support.

What qualifications do you have and how important do you think they were to your success?

I hold 10 GCSE’s, 3 A-Levels in Maths, Psychology and Philosophy/R.E. I also have a BSc hons degree in Business with Spanish. I now do freelance hair and make-up artistry. I was trained at the Lubna Rafiq Academy, which was invaluable to my progression.

What would you suggest is needed to be successful in this industry?

I am very enthusiastic about women being independent in today’s society and having the strength and courage to stand on their own two feet. I would personally love to be like Kim Kardashian or Kimora Lee Simmons who in my eyes are female moguls; their achievements to date have been phenomenal. Always looking for new opportunities to progress and grow.

Is being a make-up artist as glamorous as it appears?

Being a make-up artist can be glamorous, working with well-known faces and travelling to beautiful locations, but the hours can be very long. Especially when working on music and film sets, there can be a lot of up and down time where you could spend a lot of time waiting around on set, but then all of a sudden it can get very manic and rushed.

What are your future plans?

I plan to explore different options to grow and expand the business. In terms of more media work, teaching master classes and expanding my team. So watch this space!

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