Lovin’ it!

After a man was caught masturbating in a McDonald’s car park in Nova Scotia, Canada recently, a local policeman has given what is possibly the greatest single piece of advice of all time to concerned members of the public.

Const. Pierre Bourdages of the Halifax Regional Police suggested that if the public see a crime or indecent act being committed they should try to take down the details of the car and call the cops as soon as possible. Before adding, “We strongly suggest for people not to take the matter into their own hands.”

The car park cummer who is 44 years old (but still enjoys his happy meals a bit too much) was eventually arrested at his house.

But whilst strange (and possibly high in salt content) this story is not unique.

Apparently public pipe cleaning is on the rise (sorry) with two such cases having been reported in Florida over the last few weeks.

They are very obviously, lovin’ it!