5 Tips on How to Make a Hotel Room Healthier

Going on holiday is supposed to be a break from your day-to-day life but there’s no need for it to be a break from your good health. Instead, follow our quick tips on how to make your hotel room that little bit healthier.

It’s easy to let go while you’re on holiday. Hell, that’s why we work so hard and save up after all, to be able to let go! But even though we swap the salads for carbs and the coffees for mojitos, there are some simple ways of making your sanctuary away from home (ie your hotel room) a healthier space altogether.

Non-Smoking Room – Whether you’re a smoker, a non-smoker, or an ex-smoker with a holier-than-thou attitude with regards to smoking, opt for a non-smoking room so you can at least give your lungs a bit of a break while you’re not out and about.

Air-In – Some hotel rooms can prove quite stuffy, especially if they’ve been closed up for a while. Once in the room, throw back the curtains and open all the windows – allowing as much air to circulate as possible. This will help to clear away any germs and freshen the space.

Remove the Bed Cover – Bed covers are like the Playboy Mansion of dust mites, so as soon as you go into your hotel room, grab it and toss it aside. The sheets are changed everyday, however, so they shouldn’t be of too much worry!

Plastic vs. Glass – Those reusable, hotel room glasses have been manhandled God-only-knows how many times, so just use disposable, plastic cups instead. And for any environmentalist out there cringing at this tip: the article’s on how to make a hotel room healthier not how to save the planet – soz! We will have environmental tips for you soon, promise (besides, think how much detergent we’ll be saving!).

Disinfect – Although this will probably make you seem like a hypochondriac suffering from OCD, taking a packet of disinfecting wipes will come in handy to wash down things like the remote control and the bathroom door’s handle.

Me-NO-Bar – We all love ourselves a drink, yet saying no to the mini-bar key upon arrival will ensure that you don’t drink while you’re in the room, as well. The agony of waiting until you’re down by the pool to have a drink will also add flavour to your Caipirinha.



Disclaimer: We at EVE are in no way suggesting that most hotels aren’t brilliant at cleanliness.

We know many that are. However, sometimes it helps keeping your wits about you.

And if you don’t believe us – check out these horror stories here!