Shopping the End-of-season Sales

The last of the summer sales is here and most stores will now have reached their lowest discount point. This means that merchandise will not be discounted any further than the current discount. If you’ve resisted shopping the summer sales until now but you’re interested in finding a fabulous bargain or two, then this is the time to go shopping.

Of course, by now a lot of items will be sold out and it will be harder to find your size, so don’t expect to find that exact piece you were coveting three months ago. However, there is always stuff left on the racks and the good thing is that very often it is the original, more creative pieces that get left behind. Whilst this news might not be greeted with enthusiasm by the more conservative dressers, I urge you to keep an open mind. Original pieces can still look very smart and not at all over-the top if worn correctly, for example a bright patterned jacket paired with an otherwise plain ensemble.

Another tip is to look for clothing pieces that can carry you into the next season, in this case Autumn/Winter. In this sweltering Maltese summer most shoppers will find it hard to buy warmer clothes so they tend to not be that popular. A lot of shops are selling sweaters left over from last spring at very low prices, some of these are plain, others patterned, others with slogan words that are so in trend right now; there are lots of options. If your size is nowhere to be found, you might want to think about sizing up and wearing the sweater with a buttoned up shirt underneath it.

If rummaging through piles of clothes bothers you, go shopping early in the morning, at this time the clothes are still neatly folded and laid out in an orderly fashion on the racks, as the day progresses and more and more people arrive, the sales assistants will find it impossible to keep everything neat and ordered. Last tip, it might be worth it to find that special item you would not have been able to afford at full price, the satisfaction will be perfectly sweet.