Pietra and Stone – tangible photography by Anna Runefelt

Photography courtesy of Anna Runefelt & SO Galerie

I take an avid interest in exhibited art, but when it comes down to it I can only tell you what I like and what I don’t like. I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you how something makes me feel. Or at least I can try to tell you what makes me stir and take fantasy tangents. What inspires me. The aesthetic pleasure is something that we might share, but the feelings will differ. Sometimes it is one piece that will shine bright and stand out for me and at other times the collection of art will take me on a journey of sorts.


alone in the world and unashamedly beautiful.

Nobody is looking, so she is dancing.

Sometimes she wants to be understood, but mostly the veil of mystery is her comfort.

There is a barrier that is somehow disconcerting, as though we are intruding into her world and she cannot quite remember inviting us.

Who is she? Is she a moment inside all of us?

She is silent and golden, perched perilously on the rocks.

Then she is stark naked and thoughtful on a sunny afternoon.

First she blends, then she is obvious, then she is remarkably fashionable.

She dies a little with every little death,

whispers within whispers, whirlwinds of shadows

a bold statement, a presence that captures your gaze.

The exhibition entitled Pietra and Stone that is currently on show until the end of September 2013 in the lobby of Hotel Juliani. It consists of photographs by Anna Runefelt and has been set up by SO Galerie. For more information contact Joseph Simon Gauci at SO Galerie on jsg@sogalerie.com or through www.sogalerie.com.