KeraStraight Seminar

Last month I was invited to a KeraStraight seminar in St Julians, held by the managing director Jez Barnett, who was flown in from London to demonstrate the popular hair treatment KeraStraight.

My hair was in need of some serious TLC so I didn’t hesitate for a second when given the opportunity to be the hair model. As I sat down with my hair in the hands of a pro, I had no expectations whatsoever, but I started to feel very optimistic as Jez spoke of the great advantages of this treatment.

3½ hours later, this is what had been done to my hair:

Step 1. My hair was shampooed twice with Pre-Treatment Cleanser to gently open up the cuticle layers and allow the protein treatment to be absorbed, then my hair my hair was dried completely.

Step 2. A misting with Pre-Treatment Spray followed. This regulates the Moisture/Protein balance.

Step 3. KeraStraight KS Intensive was applied to give the hair maximum strength and repair and then dried with the ‘Fast Drying Technique’.

Step 4. My hair was ironed in small sections to seal the repair and straightening ingredients into my hair. This will last up to 4 months.

Step 5. A shampoo and rinse followed before giving it a final protein boost with their Protein Mask.

The promised result is massive repair, incredible strength and renewed shine that will last up to four months and will style better than ever.

My verdict? Well, I’m nothing but amazed by the result. It’s honestly one of very few ‘promises’ in terms of cosmetic results that I feel has been followed through. My hair didn’t need a wash for several days, and it does really feel stronger, easier to style and more than anything, it feels and looks more full and shiny.

I recommend this treatment to anyone who leads a busy lifestyle, who wants straight, shiny hair and who wants to give their hair a proper boost!

Advertorial brought to you by KeraStraight, DK