Dazzle with your Vajazzle


So apparently tattoos and piercings are old hat – the latest thing in body art is the Vajazzle. It’s become highly popular after being featured on the reality TV show TOWIE – The Only Way Is Essex for those not up on their fly-on-the-wall TV shows about rich kids born into London money and with ahem, questionable common sense and intellect to say the least.

What is a Vajazzle I hear you cry! It is crystal art placed in various colours, designs and shapes around a lady’s vagina. Yes, vagina. Apparently us ladies don’t have enough to worry about, now we need to decorate our lady bits like an artist’s canvas before getting down to any naughty business.

Vajazzles last between 2-5 days and are supposed to be completely safe, non allergenic and harmless to your skin. It is advised you do not commence with a Vajazzle application immediately after a wax and that you wait a minimum of 12-14 hours. If you’d like your vajazzle to last longer than the standard times avoid bathing with oil based products and pat dry instead of rubbing – also avoid moisturisers around the area.

There you have it. Feel free to go forth and adorn your genital areas safe in the knowledge it is risk free, relatively long lasting and looks very pretty.

Salons are hooking onto this craze and it is starting to become as normal as booking a facial or bikini wax. And boys, just in case you were feeling left out I present to you an even newer craze – the Pejazzle. I kid you not.

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