What’s in my Beach Bag


Sometimes ‘packing’ for a day at the beach can be slightly nerve racking… there’s a million and one things you might need and most of the beaches are isolated with no nearby shops to buy any of those things from. I like to think that over the years I’ve got the whole thing honed down but my main trick to not forgetting anything is to buy items specifically for the beach bag and to never remove them from said bag : ) Trust me it’s worth it. Here’s my beach bag item breakdown list:

  1. Tinted Face Sunscreen (a brilliant invention, eliminates the need for make-up)
  2. Body Sunscreen
  3. Lip sunscreen (those are in need of some TLC too)
  4. Hair product (depending on your hair type this can be a mousse, gel, or texture inducing spray – in my case it is actually a salt spray to encourage the salt-formed curly locks and give some hold).
  5.  Hair tie – for those days when my hair just won’t dry well.
  6.  Hair grips – as above.
  7. Baseball cap – some extra sun protection
  8. Sunglasses – the bigger the better
  9. Tissues – I’m surprised how often I’ve needed these at the beach
  10. Mosquito repellant – for when I stay at the beach past sunset

And then my Kindle and latest magazine – OK I lied – these do get removed and placed back in, but come on, its just two things! : )