Interview with Kevin Mercieca

Where do you live:- Zabbar

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Gemini

Main occupation:- Student at the University of Malta

Media-related occupation:- TV presenter on Sfera programme

Kevin Mercieca describes himself as a positive person who likes to dream and face new challenges. People say that he is kind and humble, others think that he is a snob, but in reality he’s totally the opposite. “I love joking, clubbing and socializing with people, especially foreign people who have a different culture from ours. If I had to win the lottery I would spend half the money in visiting different countries around the world. What I hate in myself is the fact that sometimes I am too sensitive, so I get hurt easily”.

Kevin wanted to work as a presenter since a tender age, “I remember myself speaking in front of the mirror, pretending that I’m doing a programme. My parents would be listening from the back of the door and wonder who I was speaking to?! This was about 12 years ago. I also remember writing articles on Saghtar magazine when I was still in Year 5, I love writing articles in my own language”.

His media career started when he was about 16 years old when he began writing articles for local newspapers about issues related to youths, then at the age of 18 he started his own newspaper called Sfera, which was distributed at the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary. Sfera was a newspaper totally dedicated to youths who could then participate by writing their own articles on the newspaper. “Kurt Pawley, a great friend of mine, along with other friends, was instrumental to help me with this newspaper. However, after about three years we decided to start something new, after discussing together what we could do, we decided to start a programme on a local radio station which we named Sfera just like the newspaper. Sfera programme was also aimed at discussing youth issues, but this time not by writing articles but by discussions with youths on the radio . After a year broadcasting this programme on the radio, we decided to move on to something more exciting. With the help of another great friend of mine Dr Josie Muscat, who was our main sponsor, we decided to start a TV programme on Favourite channel which was also called Sfera. We started the programme in summer of 2010 and we are still airing at the moment. During Sfera programme on Favourite channel youths discuss current issues which concern them with professionals. We have singers, magicians, funny clips, items to win, interviews with local personalities and we try to include new creative ideas to make the programme more popular especially with the youth generation”, stated KEVIN MERCIECA in his introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?


What is your favourite time of the day to read, and why?

Early in the morning before school, I can focus more about what I’m reading.

What would you never buy?

A motorbike.

Do you think that because something is more expensive it is automatically better?

Not always – depends on where you buy it from.

What role does technology play in your life?

I spend at least half of the day using technology, so I think technology plays a vital role in my life and I wouldn’t live without it.