Is a Bachelor’s degree worth anything these days?

In an age when the number of people graduating from the University of Malta a year is almost equivalent to the number of pastizzi eaten every year, one can’t help but wonder what a Bachelor’s degree is really worth these…

As anyone who knows me or has read my short bio knows, I graduated as an architect from the University of Bologna about 10 years ago. But, after eight years working hard to build a career, I decided to quit it all, move back to Malta and work as a writer.

Within months I was more successful as a writer – an area I have no formal qualification in – than I ever was as an architect. So, I really wonder sometimes whether it is worth getting a Bachelor’s degree, especially when looking at the number of people who graduate in Malta compared to the number of available jobs in their chosen field.

Reading for a degree is a wonderful way of growing up, understanding what you really want (or don’t want) to do in your life, and learning just how many tequilas you can handle before hitting the floor. Academically, given you do the course work and study for your exams, you will be somewhat more gifted than the average Joe; whether you learn anything about the specific job you want to get into is a completely different story, however.

Some parents nowadays feel that if their children opt to become craftsmen, or builders, or artists, then they are somehow not achieving their full potential personally, and probably financially in the future. Supported by the government (both past and present), everyone is now heading off to university, as if it were Havana on a Saturday night.

The true value of a university Bachelor’s course to conglomerate a few good minds, turn them into great minds and release them into society to continue expanding humanity’s knowledge, has genuinely deteriorated into a conveyor-belt system.

This is a phenomenon happening all around the Western world. In America, for example, students got themselves into $1trillion worth of debt to pay for their education, yet unemployment amongst graduates is at a historical high – and not just in the States, but also in Spain, the UK and many other places.

So, at a time when people with PhDs are serving you coffee in Starbucks and I’m buying my iPhones from a company founded by someone who dropped out of college – I would say, a Bachelor’s are still worth a lot to those who truly want to learn and have an incredible learning experience, but that might well be it. To anyone doing it simply to earn more in the future, then I, personally, think it’s nothing more than a fancy scrap of paper. But then, I didn’t sit for a degree in education, so what do I know?

What do you think? Do you feel that your Bachelor’s degree prepared you for your future career, or that you learned more at the University of Life than in the lecture hall? We’d love to hear more!