Happy Feet (…and Pretty Too!)

Have you ever stopped and wondered how much your feet endure?  Our feet take us about our daily lives, carrying the weight of our entire body and of course extra weight such as grocery shopping, etc.  They are constantly pushing pedals of our cars, even when the rest of our bodies are seemingly relaxed in the driver’s seat.  Of course our feet are further stuffed into uncomfortable shoes, made to stand on tip toes when we’re wearing our killer stiletto heels and other such drama. We then complain of tired feet which are swollen and sore. Add a couple of blisters, and hard skin here and there, and you end up with some sorrowful feet, which aren’t even pretty too look at. A trip to the spa might be in check, but surely our feet need much more TLC than a monthly pedicure. More so, the sandals which we wear in the summer months, expose our feet, thus, we want them to look pretty and well looked after, every day. And the only way to have happy and pretty looking feet is to learn how to get your own pedicure done at home. It shouldn’t be an occasional treat, but part of our routine, and in this article, I am going to let you know just how to relax those feet, and get them looking pretty.

Investing in a foot spa, which is similar to a large bowl, that is electronically equipped, is the best present you will probably ever give to your feet. All you’ve got to do is fill it up with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and pop your feet in.  Behold, you’ll get a lovely and soothing bubble massage, which goes down a treat after a long day. These can be found at any pharmacy and some leading supermarkets and they are really well priced. A good foot scrub should then be massaged on your feet to remove dead skin and help keep the soles of your feet soft and supple. Apply in circular motions, moving upwards towards your legs. Trim your toe nails, and make sure they never dig into your shoes, as this is the main cause of ingrown toe nails, which trust my words, aren’t pleasant at all.  Paint your toe nails a bright colour, and when dry, apply moisturizer all over your feet. If you are doing all this during the evening, you may opt to put on a pair of socks after you apply the moisturizer. This will deeply moisturize your feet during the night and will make sure that the moisturizer remains on your feet and not on your bed linen.

Repeat this procedure as frequently as possible, of course, the more often it’s done, the more your feet will be cared for. You will instantly feel refreshed and your legs will ache much less. What’s more, you will have happy and pretty feet, which is an instant booster to your self image!