Nail Shapes

Nails are considered to be the finishing touch to an outfit and thus nail trends are not only limited to colour choices according to season as nail shapes play an equally important role to complement our fashion choices.

Apart from the shape and size of your hands, the length of your nails, lifestyle and personal tastes are all things you would want to consider before deliberating which shape to go for. Round, almond and square are the more popular choices however, there are more nail shapes to suit the more adventurous types nowadays.  Here’s a look at the most common nail shapes:

Almond – this shape will suit people with smaller hands and short fingers best to give the illusion of longer digits. It is ideal for people who cannot tolerate extremely long fingernails but still want elegant looking nails.

Square – a classic and timeless shape that looks flawless with a French manicure. This is a great option for those who want to balance long and narrow fingers. If on the other hand, your fingers are on the chubbier and shorter side, it is best to avoid giving your nails a square shape as this will only emphasise the shortness of your fingers. Moreover, if sharp edges put you off, opt for the squoval instead where the corners of the nail are given a more rounded finish and look good on shorter fingers as well.

Round – a more practical popular choice, round nails are less liable to breakages. The tip is given a less pointy shape than the almond and suits all types of hands, especially larger hands.

Stiletto – one of the latest shapes that is highly requested nowadays. Stiletto nails may come off as impractical and scary for some but if kept to a sensible length, they will look elegant and stylish just the same and will complement your avant garde fashion choices.

Russian Almond – the almond shape, only much longer!

Blade – definitely not for the faint hearted, the blade resembles the tip of a fountain pen and is more commonly used to shape long false tips rather than natural nails.

Edge – another avant garde shape that is similar to the blade but is more of a triangular shape that is also mostly used with artificial nail tips.

Gothic Almond – another variation of the almond shape that is also longer but shifts to a narrower tip than the other two variations.

There you have it! Which nail shape is your favourite?