Interview with Dorianne Theuma

© Paul Zammit Cutajar/MFA (left), © Domenic Aquilina/MFA (right)  ©Paul Zammit Cutajar/MFA

Name: Dorianne Theuma

Star sign: Taurus

Is your star sign true to your character? Yes, since I am a stubborn person.

Hobby other than football: Travelling

Club: Mosta

Position with Club: Midfielder

National Team position: Midfielder

National Team Appearances and goals: 49 appearances, 15 goals

Dorianne is the Winner of the MFA Best Women’s League Player for the past season. She is the sweetest girl possible and to top it up she’s got real talent making scoring direct corners and direct free-kicks look like it is the easiest feat! All those who know her voice this opinion…she’s a real gem to know :)

When did you start playing football and why? 

I used to play outside in the streets, then when I was 12 years old, my cousin took me along with her to play with Hibernians.

How did it feel? 

It was a very strange feeling because I didn’t know that there are other girls and women who played football.

What is your usual daily routine? 

My routine during the week is, work in the morning, then I go straight to training and then I go home.

What do you feel when you play football? 

Playing football helps me to forget all my worries and makes me feel that I am part of a family that is working towards the same objective.

…and when you play for the National Team? 

Representing my country is something that makes me feel very proud and it is the cherry on the cake in my football career.

What emotions did you go through during the qualifiers?

We played well and we had a very positive feeling that we can go through to the next phase. However, we kept our concentration high till the last game. 

…and when you won the last game and qualified for the first time in history? 

It was like living a dream…. achieving something which we worked for in these last 10 years. And not only did we qualify, but we won the group and scored 9 goals and conceeded only 1!!

What are you hoping or wishing for in the next phase? 

We are hoping to give good performances against better teams. And maybe we can try to win some points.

What is your inspiration in football? Or someone that inspires you? 

Obviously, a person who inspires me is Pierre Brincat, the national team coach, for his dedication towards women’s football. It is thanks to him and his persistence that women’s football improved during these last few years. I am also inspired by the enthusiasm shown by the young players that I coach with the MFA Academy. They remind me of when I was a kid, when football was my only worry.

If you can travel back in time and say something to ‘little you’ what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself to live fearlessly and take bigger chances with life. And that it’s OK to fail, it’s the only road to success.

How do you feel winning the MFA Best Women’s League Player Award?

I am glad that I won this award for the fifth time in my career. It’s a great satisfaction and a great boost to continue to work hard in the coming years.