Dos and Don’ts for The Hourglass

An hourglass shaped woman is a woman whose body is generally perfectly proportioned. The shoulder width is generally about the same as that of the hips, the waist is usually small and well defined, whilst the bust is generally quite full. The hips and bum areas are generally also quite rounded.

For every body shape there are a number of dos and don’ts that go a long way in helping a person look more fabulous. Today the focus is on the hourglass.

Dos for an Hourglass

Always define your waist. Wear a belt or choose dresses or other garments that cinch at the waist. Anything that gives definition, define the narrowest part of your stomach area – for an hourglass this is generally right on the waistline, near the belly button.

If you want to wear horizontal stripes, it is best to wear them both on your lower and upper halves, however, you should separate the waist area, for instance, a striped crop top and a striped skirt or a belt with a horizontal striped dress. This way your body will remain balanced.

Since your bust is nice and full, then a v-neck/low cut top should enhance and show off this nicely.

Wear fitted clothes, oversized clothing will completely destroy your beautiful shape and make you appear larger.

Do wear longer skirts, mid-length skirts will suit you more than miniskirts so do go for that chic pencil skirt.

Do think about using shapewear control under fitted dresses, not the uncomfortable ‘can’t breathe kind’ but those that simply smoothen out the body slightly.

Do wear mermaid-style dresses, they were invented for hourglass figures.

Don’ts for an Hourglass

Don’t wear baggy/boyfriend style jeans, unfortunately these will do absolutely nothing for your body shape.

Don’t wear very tight drain pipe trousers, they over emphasise the legs and by comparison will make your shoulders seem wider – slightly flared jeans will suit you much more.

Don’t wear empire waist style dresses, these will not enhance your small waistline area and might even make you appear larger.

Don’t wear frills and ruffles on the bust area if your bust is very full, these add volume to the bust and might make it appear too large.

There you have it. So hourglasses all over the world… you have been given the gift of body shape wisdom, use your gift wisely to make the right choices and go forth and look fabulous!