Dress for Sex-ess

A recent sex survey in the UK has left people with their mouths (and possibly other orifices) wide open.

According to this study about a quarter of Brits have had a threesome, whilst 72% have done the deed outside, with a huge 14% admitting to having done it on PUBLIC TRANSPORT! (Although we have eco-buses in Malta. So there.)

Just under half of men and women admitted to getting down to some DIY at least once a week (these shelves smell funny) whilst 64% have used some sort of toy (I could insert a remote control car joke here. But I’m much too mature for that. Ha ha! I said ‘insert’.)

According to this analysis, a massive amount of women like dressing up in the bedroom – 69%. This has caused loads of discussions in the UK. But unfortunately the research didn’t delve into what sort of costumes they liked wearing.

Everyone is now asking the same thing. How are ladies dressing for sex? Are we talking traditional – like nurses and French maids, or have costumes preferences changed? Is Catwoman still up there or has she been taken over by Wilma Flintsone (it is only a matter of time).

We want to know! We need to know!

So come on girls. Confess! What sort of costumes do you like wearing in the sack?