Interview with Trishia Falzon

EVE readers have nominated you winner for the Face of Malta Award. Were you expecting this or did it comes as a surprise?

The competition closed a day before the Final Night and I had the most likes and shares on the Facebook photo so I was kind of expecting it, but as soon as the moment arrived and my number was chosen for this award, I have to admit that the excitement got to me and I panicked a bit. I barely remembered what I had to do but then it just came naturally and I just enjoyed the moment.

What preparations did you make in your grooming regimen and lifestyle to prepare for the competition?

I slightly changed my diet plan and tried to stay healthier as well as doing some exercise to stay fit and feel my best on the final night. That day, an amazing hair stylist – Mark Mamo Amato – did my hair and the amazing make-up artist – Lorna Muliett – did my make-up, so that’s as far as I went for the final preparations for the competition.

Did the clients at your work place know about your participation and how did their reactions effect you before and after the event?

I’m still a student and I was doing my A-Levels during the rehearsals phase for the competition and all my school friends supported me and wished me luck. I also work part-time as a cashier at a Supermarket and I also got a lot of support from my work mates. They all listened to me when I talked about the event, both before and after it happened. They did their best to help me in making final decisions for dress choices, make-up and hair. The day of the Final Night, I received several messages which encouraged me a lot. They all believed in me, even though it was only my first experience. After the show, they all congratulated me and said that I was still a winner for them.

Which section interests you the most on

I’m subscribed to the website and I follow and read every article and I can honestly say that they are all amazing, but I have to admit that my favorite ones are in the ‘Fashion’, ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ Sections.

How do you reward yourself when you feel you deserve a treat?

Easy. If it’s Winter time, a night in with some hot chocolate and marshmallows while watching a movie near the fireplace is simply enough. If it’s during the Summer months – definitely a day at the beach – with a Maltese ftira prepared by my amazing ‘nanna’ and a delicious ice-cream afterwards, or else a romantic walk by the beach and then ending evening with a glass of wine with my boyfriend.