Interview with Chris & Moira, Billy B and Philip Borg Barthet

Age:- Chris & Moira: Not too young and not old

Billy B: 24820 days

Philip Borg Barthet: 32

Where do you live:- Chris & Moira: Everywhere

Billy B: Over here

Philip Borg Barthet: San Gwann

Status:- Chris: Ask Moira! Moira: Not sure!

Billy B: No! It’s a Steinberger

Philip Borg Barthet: Married

Star Sign:- Moira: Aquarius Chris: Born 30th Feb!

Billy B: For Sale

Philip Borg Barthet: Libra

Main occupation:- Chris & Moira: Singers/Songwriters/Musicians

Moira : ….and on a mission looking after Chris

Chris: Married to Moira!

Billy B: Great Living

Philip Borg Barthet: Part-time astronaut


INTRODUCING THE BAND: Chris and Moira on guitars and vocals, Billy B on bass and Philip Borg Barthet on drums. The band has been playing together for a long time now, producing new material and doing live gigs. Chris and Moira have over 60 songs, some gathered in three albums (chris and moira/iTunes). Their last hit was Save Me Tonight released in 2008. The band have come up with a brand new Single ‘FLIGHT 170’ (chris and moira/iTunes) taken from their upcoming fourth album which will be released later on this year. For more info about the band please visit their Facebook page – Chris and Moira.

Would you buy an expensive car, or do you prefer the same amount of cash in your bank account?

Moira: Cash in my account anytime!

Chris: Don’t need a car since wife drives me round the ‘band’ and everywhere and when you’re married you’re not meant to have the cash!

Philip Borg Barthet: Can I have the cash and a new drum kit instead?

Billy B: Rather buy the bank

Pick two celebrities to be your parents, and why?

Moira: I cannot! Probably I’d suck if I were a celebrities daughter, besides my parents made a great person….. ME!

Philip Borg Barthet: I wouldn’t want two celebrities as parents, thanks anyway.

Billy B: Ok picked two as directed.

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you really do well?

Moira: The kitchen is not really my favourite place to be, however I do make great figolli and mince pies!

Chris: Hobz biz-zejt

Philip Borg Barthet: I’m a decent cook. My piece de resistance is pasta with prawn bisque. I don’t clean up very well though.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you own one or more?

Moira: I can appreciate the artistic side of tattooing, but I have only had temporary tattoos on my skin! The state of tattoos after some years?? Yak!

Philip Borg Barthet: I don’t really have an opinion about tattoos. I think it’s a personal choice. For me, if I’m going to have something permanently on a part of my body it must represent something which will be dear to me all my life. I have a monkey tattoo which represents someone very special in my life.

Billy B: No opinion, yes I do have one but it is not mine.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

Moira: I make sure not to remember!

Chris: Hard to tell…

Philip Borg Barthet: I don’t really keep track of my spending.