Dos and Don’ts for the Petite Woman

A woman is generally considered to be petite if she is less than 5 foot 3 inches in height. I like to state that for every body-shape there are a number of dos and don’ts that go a long way in helping a person look more fabulous.

The same applies for height, different pieces look ‘different’ on a petite person than they do on a six foot woman.

Today the focus is on the petite woman. We must remember that the basic body shape laws still apply of course, but then we must apply some extra cleverness over and above. With a petite woman, what we want to achieve is – to create an illusion of extra height and we want to ensure no part of the body gets dwarfed.

Do’s for a Petite

If you have nice legs, miniskirts will look great on you and won’t look at all slutty since there’s obviously less leg on show.

Wear palazzo pants, go for a pair that are slightly fitted and wear high heels – instant addition of vertical inches to your body.

When wearing cropped jeans/trousers, wear shoes of the same colour as the trouser’s material will help elongate the leg.

Wear patterns on your top half, this will draw attention upwards and heighten your image.

Wear vertical stripes on your lower half, these will add length to your lower half making your body appear taller.

Wearing one solid colour on your bottom half is another way to create the illusion of longer legs.

Wear heels – but only if you can walk on them. A stumbling woman is never attractive at any height!

Buy clothes from the petite section, a number of brands have a devoted range now.

Don’ts for a Petite

Wear head-to-toe extra baggy, oversized clothing, you’ll literally be drowning in clothes.

Don’t team leggings/tight jeans with extra-long tunics – your legs will look minuscule.

Don’t drown yourself in statement jewellery – however much you like that enormous statement necklace, if you have a small neck area, it will simply look too big. The same applies to hats, extra-large hats/fascinators need a ‘larger’ person to carry them off properly.

Don’t wear large prints, the danger with this is that on a petite frame the print would ‘take over’ your body.

Don’t buy clothes from the children’s departments – you are not a child.

Don’t wear skirts that end anywhere in between the ankle and the knee, these will make you look shorter.

There you have it. So now petite women… be you apples/pears or any other shape you have been given some extra tips to make you look even more fabulous!