10 Tips For Women To Look Good Naked

Want to look good naked? Here one of the greatest mysteries of the universe is explained!

When you’re about to have sex with someone (and especially when it’s for the first time) we know there is usually one thing running through your mind: “What will he think when he sees me naked? Will he notice my cellulite? Will he think I’m fat? Will he think my breasts aren’t big enough?” The list of lump and bump related worries are endless! But worry not…

Exfoliate: There’s nothing more off putting than dry or flaky skin. Make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week to keep skin radiant. Never forget to apply moisturiser for a sexy sheen or, better yet, baby oil, for a healthy glow.

Tan: Nothing gives the illusion of having shed pounds more than a tan. Grab some girlfriends and pop to your nearest beach and tan, tan, tan! Sunbathing topless (or bottomless) somewhere private is also a great way of avoiding those tanlines. But don’t forget to wear protection!

Pump Up: If you know it’s going to happen, squeeze in a quick workout before your cameo. Just a couple of push ups will send blood to your muscles, leaving them looking more toned, if only temporarily!

Groom: Yes, most men don’t mind a bit of pubic hair, but no one wants their tongue to go on a hike in the forbidden forest – grooming is key! Trim your bush and make sure that going down under is as appealing as possible.

Limit Food and Drink: It might seem like a good idea to chug a couple of drinks down for some liquid courage but the truth is: it will leave you feeling and looking bloated. Have something light to eat and stick to water, or preferably, nothing, right before stripping – this will make sure you look your leanest!

Perfume: You need to look good, but you also need to smell good. Opt for a warmer fragrance that entices and seduces.

Accessorise: Yes you’re naked, but you still need to accessorise! Wear the highest pair of heels you’ve got, a gorgeous necklace that draws attention to your breasts, and nice stud earrings to give out an air of opulence and decadence – seven deadly sins, who?

Details: The chances are he won’t be looking much at your hands and feet, particularly if your hooha is out and proud (and groomed), but that is no reason to not make sure everything that can look amazing, does! Go for a nice, deep red lipstick; get a mani and a pedi and make sure that your eyebrows are tweezed!

Confidence: If you’re naked and all you can do is complain about how fat you are then the other person is just going to feel uncomfortable. This person wants to do you, or else he wouldn’t be here, so shut up and look confident. Once he starts touching you all over, you’ll start believing it – trust me!