Fun Facts – Part 2

Hugs – the ‘Yes I’m attracted to you give-away! When a woman is attracted to a guy, she will press her entire body against you while she is hugging you. So if you like a lady, and not sure if she likes you back, give it a try!

An easy way to burn calories? Getting ready, doing your hair, looking for something to wear- all that fuss and panic us women have to go through to look all glammed up and pretty, Well it can easily burn up to 100 calories!

If you want to know where your heart is, why don’t you try looking where your mind goes when it wanders?

Did you know that swans will only have one partner in their life? Once their partner dies, the are likely to pass away due to a broken heart.

We tend to not express what we truly feel deep inside, because we either do not know how to express or explain it, or just because we simply don’t want too.

Believe it or not the ones who give out relationship advice are normally single.

When going through a stressful time, listening to music makes you tolerant to emotional pain and will give you the ability to get through it. Ever tried?

Not having as many friends isn’t a bad thing after all. It just means you are more intelligent and smart so you end up being very selective of who you trust.

Did you know that in ancient Greece, if you wanted to propose to a woman, all you had to do was throw an apple to her? I wouldn’t try it now!