Book Review: French Women Don’t Get Fat – by Mireille Guiliano

This is not a recipe book, nor is it a rule book. It is definitely not a diet bible. In fact, it is the most friendly non-diet book that I have ever come across. Written through experience and with helpful anecdotes, it teaches us how to eat for pleasure, mindfully. The gently nudging is not to be undermined however – small lifestyle changes can have powerful results. Unlike crash dieting, a habit that gets into your system and becomes second nature has lasting results.

Guiliano shows us how to eat with balance, control and pleasure, with pleasure being the key element. The book is divided into chapters that help us explore the different aspects of our food habits, the pitfalls and the ‘invisible’ problems that may be troubling us. It shows us (you will know when something in particular is relevant to you) where we need to discipline ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labour later. Real life examples as well as some useful recipes are included to help us along in our quest for enjoying food without putting on too much weight. Most importantly, it shows us that suffering does not need to be a top priority in losing weight and feeling more healthy and energised.

After all, if we are not enjoying our food, what is the point?