Those lazy, hazy, days of summer

Summer not only brings hot temperatures, freezing bus rides and possibly days at the beach, but also a feeling of lethargy that leaves you without any energy to do anything, except the necessary commitments, like work, which most probably you cannot get out of.

It is however during this lethargic time that a lot of decisions are being taken – decisions about future job prospects, decisions about University courses, decisions of what to do when many people resume their studies and you are still thinking if your place is with them or not. It is a time where we project our future, and try and figure out what we really want. This is very difficult to achieve, especially if your road is full obstacles, leaving you in a situation where you have to delay your decision-making… because of different job prospects, waiting for your results and possibilities of resits and other reasons along the way.

At times like these you need to gather all the strength and willpower possible to figure out what the next step is, to look forward and find solutions for your problems. The lethargy that surrounds us does not provide us with the best source of inspiration or energy that we need in moments like these, but we have to remember, that in a few weeks time, everything will change and we might end up regretting the decisions we did not take.

As difficult as it may seem, right now is the moment to prepare, re-energise and plan ahead, paving our way forward, so that when the heat ends, we are prepared to continue afresh.