Wearing the Right Underwear

With so many different options for underwear on the market it still amazes me that so many people still wear the wrong underwear, especially under slinky, beautiful dresses.

Most of us by now know to check for panty lines, the term long coined VPL (visible panty line) but it seems to be all they worry about and sometimes even in this regard, all a lot of people do to avoid this mishap, is wear a G-string which – guess what – often has its own VPL.

And what about bras? When did it become ok for your bra to show? One of the things that irks me most is when people use, ‘but I have big breasts’ as an excuse as to why their bra is showing.

First off – if your breasts really are that big that only a fully strapped, under-wired bra is allowed, then don’t wear a backless/strapless dress.

Secondly, a lot of those people using that excuse don’t have breasts that big, they just haven’t taken the time to investigate thoroughly all the cups/low back options available.

So… hello, seamless pants and seamless G-strings, hello seamless bras, hello gel cups and hello low back converters.

Seamless underwear is this century’s gift to womankind, a good set of flesh-toned, seamless underwear will ensure you have absolutely no underwear lines on show anywhere. A low back converter is a great gadget, it attaches to your own bra straps, crosses over your back and then goes around your waist. This ensures your back bra strap is much lower than it normally is and… here’s the good part… stays that way all evening.

Gel silicone cups are something a lot of people are scared of but they can add padding and a push-up effect, much the same as a push-up bra and they are completely invisible; a high quality pair will have good adhesive properties and will stay put.

If none of the above seems to work for you and you’ve tried on a dress that has your shoulder bra straps showing, my first reaction is to tell you – don’t wear the dress, wear something else… The other option (for removable bra straps) is to buy nice ones. There are gold chains, diamanté straps, etc that can be used as bra straps. These look like jewellery, and often blend in appearing to be a part of the dress, so most times you could probably get away with wearing them.

For any other underwear problems, there are no other options, keep searching for the right underwear and never at all costs let it show!