Interview with footballer Ylenia Carabott

Name: Ylenia Carabott

Star sign: Pisces

Club: Hibernians

Position with Club: Striker/Winger

National Team position: Winger/Striker

National Team appearances and goals: 42 caps – 10 goals

Ylenia Carabott other than being a finalist for the MFA Best Women’s League Player won the BOV Women’s First Division League Top Scorer with 41 goals!

Is your star sign true to your character?

Somewhat, I’m a dreamer and Pisceans tend to be as well.

When did you start playing football? And what else do you enjoy doing besides football?

I started playing football at the age of 14 and going to the gym is my second favourite hobby! It can help with football too ;)

What made you start playing football?

I used to play with my cousins since I was eight years old and I have loved it ever since.

How did it feel?

I used to enjoy winning, that felt good! But I always cried my eyes out when my team lost. I still do! haha

What would you say is your normal routine?  

I don’t like having a routine, but it mostly consists of going to University or work, then I take out my dog, either I take her swimming or for a long walk, then I finish my day off with training.

What emotions do you go through when you play football?

League football is enjoyable, having said that, it doesn’t mean that I’m not well prepared for every game. I’m focused so the excitement doesn’t really get to me.

…and when you play for the National Team?

Every time I play with the National team I feel joy, happiness and pride. It’s one of the best feelings one could ever have. Those 90 minutes are always the most important in my life at that time.

What did you feel throughout the qualifiers?

Before the tournament I felt very confident that we would make it through. Confidence is very important when playing at a higher level, we had it and we achieved the results.

What did you feel when you won the last game and qualified for the first time in history?

It was a thrill, it’s one of the best moments of my career so far – I’m hoping to experience a lot more in the future! Being a part of the group and qualifying was an amazing feeling!

What are you hoping or wishing for in the next phase? 

I’m hoping for good and decent results, we have to keep our feet on the ground and work twice as hard. We’re going to play against tougher opponents this time, so we can’t slack, not even for a bit. 

What inspires you with regards to football? …and someone that inspires you? 

I strive to be the best, if I’m not the best then everyday I aspire to be better than my opponent on the day. That way, when I play I give it my all. My granddad inspires me as well, he used to play for Floriana. Unfortunately, he suffered from an illness and passed away before he could see me play.

If you could travel back in time and say something to ‘little you’ what would you tell yourself? 

I would tell myself to keep calm, your time and chances will eventually come. I wouldn’t change one thing about football, I’ve gone through good times and bad times but I’m here now because of an accumulation of these times.