Bridal Nails

Weddings are events that happen throughout the year but more so in the warmer months.

Whatever the season or theme of your wedding, planning is essential and just as a bride books her venue, dresses and food well in advance, her consultations for hair, make-up and nails should also be planned well in advance.

Bridal Nail Timetable Countdown

4 months before the wedding you should book your first consultation with your nail tech of choice. This will allow you time to discuss the various options and to make a decision as to what type of nails are best suited to you.

3 months before the big day, whatever type of nails you have decided on, your treatments should begin. If you are going for natural nails, bimonthly manicures are required to ensure that your cuticles and nails are looking their best on your special day. If you are going for gels or acrylic nails, a full set should be applied now. In three months, the plastic extension will have grown out leaving you with natural nail length enhanced by the product of choice and great shape.

2 months before is the time to have a trial run of the design you have in mind.

2 weeks before, start with hot oil treatments or start using one the fabulous hand scrubs now on the market. This will ensure your skin and hands are gleaming.

4 days before, have the actual nails done if you are having gel polish or gel or acrylic.

The day before the wedding is the day to get your nails done if you’re going for the natural nail finish.

Any touch up required may be done on the day or morning of the wedding.

The Nail Consultationwhat should you take to this appointment?

If you are opting to match your nails to your attire, bring along your shoes or a piece of the fabric.

Any pictures of the theme you have chosen may also help to decide what will look best, along with the colours of your flowers or lipstick.

You may want to discuss bridesmaids nails too, in which case, bring swatches of the material of the dresses.

You may have seen some pictures that you liked, bring these along also.

The Groom

Don’t forget about the groom. Many men need some TLC for their hands and feet and so appointments for these to be seen to also need to be made. Hand scrub is an excellent product for your man to use in the weeks running up to the big day, along with a pedicure to get his feet in shape too.