What Ali Wore

What is better than appreciating a well dressed, well groomed, fashionable individual and thinking, ‘Wow, well done you, what inspired your look?’ I would say I have found an answer to this –  looking at an elderly and very sweet man who goes about his business but just happened to be noticed by a cafe-working fashionista.

Welcome to What Ali Wore – the popular and heart warming site – where we all find out what waitress, Zoe Spawton, has most recently seen the adorable 84 year old Turkish man Ali wear, on his daily morning walk past the cafe where she works in Berlin.

Whether it’s a bit of daring double denim, camouflage print, rock star leather jacket or a full on crisp white suit, Ali works his look like nobody knows! The wonderful pensioner has had people checking his latest looks daily and for somebody who does not keep an eye on trends or the latest styles, Ali seems to get it right every single time.

The internet sensation What Ali Wore is worth a daily look to see what our favourite over 80 is rocking for the day. I would go so far as to say we could all even learn a thing or two…