Malta – Rubbish Tip or Paradise Island?

A few times each year, yoga teacher, Michelle Bartolo, and many volunteer helpers from the  ‘That’s Rubbish‘ Group go to Riviera – Ghajn Tuffieha with sacks and clear up all the discarded plastic bottles, empty cans, pizza boxes, Twistees bags and other rubbish discarded by so many people in what we like to call nature, but what others, many Maltese included, consider to be a huge rubbish bin.

This is a beautiful bay, and probably the favourite beach of the locals, but the “dump it” mentality is not the only problem. If the Council doesn’t provide bins, and remove the rubbish, especially in the busy summer season, the tourists will find some better country to visit.

In frustration Michelle posted this in Facebook: Yesterday’s clean-up was a big heartbreak, something HAS to be done here. How long can we close a blind eye to the responsibilities of the Local Councils to follow up on their rubbish collections? We’re all so good at complaining about the issue but that’s not going to solve the problem. Something’s got to give. We filled another 26 bags yesterday eve, thus far coming to a total of 47 rubbish bags collected in this particular area alone, and there is STILL a lot more to go. It’s time to take some serious activist action, Patrick Cutajar Candidate for Mellieha Local Councils Elections 2013. – responsible for Tourism. No bins at one of the most populated tourist beaches….Hello? Are you there?”

But if everyone would just take their rubbish home and respect the island, there would be no problem. A new mentality please!! That includes throwing rubbish from cars while driving, which I observe often.