Create A Look: Wedding Guest Make-up

The wedding season this year is upon us and with it usually comes a flurry of wedding invitations. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow in order to create an easy make-up look that you can wear to a wedding or to any other social occasion:

1. Prime your face.

2. Apply a foundation with a dewy finish all over your face.

3. Apply a concealer under your eyes and on any other required areas.

4. Set your face with a light dusting of translucent face powder.

5. Contour your cheeks with a matte, brown bronzer and apply a highlighter.

6. Groom your eyebrows.

7. Apply a neutral, beige shade all over your eyelid.

8. Apply a matte, brown shade to your crease and blend away.

9. Apply a black gel liner and set it with black eye-shadow using a small, angled brush.

10. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (waterproof if you tend to cry at weddings!). You can also opt to wear false lashes.

11. Apply a pinkish blush all over your cheeks.

12. For the lips, you have two options – you can either opt for nude lips or fiery, red lips. Either way, don’t forget to line your lips before you apply your lipstick or gloss… this will give more staying power to your lip colour!

And you’re ready to celebrate! Cheers!