Summer Hairstyles – Hair Donut

Don’t you think summer is just awful for managing your hair? Do you always find it difficult to get the perfect hairstyle? I’m sure humidity is not our friend when it comes to Summer. Although we do love the beach and love to swim and get our hair wet. When it comes to those party nights out or dinner dates, we are always finding ways to make sure our hair stays in place, without worrying about all the sweating and our hair going all funny and frizzy looking like we’ve just gone for a 5 mile run!

Try the easy up do bun! – In my opinion this style is a life saver for summer! Perfect for a casual or elegant evening look!

You will need :-

  1. Hair Donut
  2. Hair Grips
  3. Brush / Comb
  4. 2 elastic bands
  5. Hairspray

Step 1 Brush you hair out so it is nice and smooth, detangled and no knots present.

Step 2 Grab a comb and style your hair into a nice high ponytail, depending on how high you want your bun to be. If you are going for an elegant evening style make sure your ponytail is just above your crown. To make it more casual try going a little lower or even experimenting by putting it to the side.

Step 3 After you have put your ponytail up, grab your donut and slide it through your ponytail. Pulling the hair out of the hole. Make sure all the hair is tucked into the donut not to have any loose ends sticking out.

Step 4 Get your second elastic band and place that over the hair which you have pulled out around the donut to secure in place. If it feels loose you can always add another elastic band.

Step 5 Add a few hair grips into the bun just to give that extra tight feeling.

Step 6 You can also accessorise it as you like! Maybe adding a bow just under your bun, or sticking some flowers in to give it that girly look. Be creative!

Tips:  For a more elegant look, Add a touch of Red lipstick to your lips, You will wow the crowd!