It’s All in the Mind

Until last September I would have told you that dieters bug me. They irritate me with their one-sidedness. The only thing a dieter can talk about is food and how little of it they are getting. And they are so preachy! And narcissistic!

I used to think this way because I was not exactly the pinnacle of health. I never met a dessert I did not like. However, when I tipped the scales at a rather high number, that I had never seen before, I had to do something. I had to become a dreaded dieter. The horror of it!

So I started making better food choices. The first two weeks flew by. The third was harder. But soon enough, I stopped seeing myself as a dieter but more as a careful, healthy person. The weight shed off pretty quickly too. I stopped wanting the bad stuff and it became a way of life. You see, that is where the secret lies. Don’t be a dieter. Be a healthy person. Get it through your skull. And now I sound preachy. But it is true – a person on a diet often ends up using a short term quick fix. And the weight loss will also be a short term quick fix.

So far I have managed to lose 15 kilos. Better than a kick in the arse. However what has changed most is not what is on my plate. Or my dress size. No.

It’s my head that has changed monumentally. Everything else just followed.