Interview With Pilates Instructor: Basia Czerniszewska

How did you get hooked on Pilates?

I have always liked sports and love trying new things, once I tried Pilates, I got hooked. After a while I did a course in London with Body Control and started teaching. I have been a Pilates instructor for more than 4 years and I enjoy making people feel good about themselves, I love making them taller, lighter, energised.

What are the advantages of practicing Pilates?

The mentor of Pilates Joseph.H.Pilates said: “My method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.” But there are more benefits of practicing Pilates like:

– improved flexibility

– greater strength and muscle tone

– more efficient respiratory, circulatory and lymphatic system

– lower stress level

– toned buttocks , thighs, arms and shoulders area

– fewer headaches

– less incidence of back pain

– boosted immune system

– increased bone density

– greater joint mobility

– fewer injuries across the board improving your performance levels

Who can train Pilates?

Anyone can do Pilates whether you are a top athlete or a first time exerciser, a housewife or a busy businessman. Once you have experienced Pilates, you will achieve the results, you will change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you move.

Can pregnant woman practice?

Pilates is a perfect exercising program for pregnant women. It will make your pregnancy more comfortable and keep you healthy and toned throughout. Pilates with its emphasis on core stability and safety, is the natural first exercise choice for the mother-to-be. The exercises are designed for women who are preparing for pregnancy, are having a normal pregnancy and post-natal with no complications. If you have never done Pilates before you should wait until you are 16 weeks pregnant and have been given the go ahead from your practitioner.

Is it true that Pilates is good for kids as well?

Yes, Pilates is a fantastic form of exercises for children. Babies and young children learn through movement and play. The development of the whole body, including the brain, comes from these active, direct experiences, through physical movement. Pilates helps develop essential links between thinking, language and movement – mind-body connections.