The Wedding Rules – My Pet Peeves

One of my pet peeves when hearing people discuss WEDDINGS, and what should/shouldn’t be worn, is hearing someone say that the bags and shoes must match. NO THEY DO NOT!!!! Up till about a year ago actually, it was considered completely uncool to match them. This year the tides have changed and matching items is now considered to be fun and cute….so that option is on the table again, especially if they are patterned. However, this does NOT mean that mismatched is ever bad. Mismatched is still completely cool, fun, elegant if done right and very fashionable.

My second pet peeve is the colour BLACK. I swear the amount of abuse this poor colour has suffered… Yes, agreed, there are certain cases when black shouldn’t be worn. For starters, if this is a traditional wedding, members of the bridal party shouldn’t wear black and this is mostly because it implies lack of respect towards the bridal couple’s wish for tradition. I also don’t like black as a main block colour for a morning wedding outfit, especially in summer. This is not because of tradition, mostly because I just don’t think the colour suits the occasion. However, at a late afternoon/evening wedding, black can look absolutely stunning and really elegant and is one of my preferred colours for a really elegant wedding.

In the days long gone by, black was considered a faux pas because it was the colour of mourning and it was said to imply a lack of happiness towards the union. I’m quite respectful of traditions, especially were weddings are concerned… But I think this is one tradition that has served its purpose and can now be put to rest. The same applies for the matching bags and shoes rules… the thought of someone still being made to feel under-dressed because their shoes and bag don’t match is laughable.