A woman will change her mind

There is a great quote passing around on Facebook – a woman saying, ” I don’t know what I want but I want it now.”

In general terms man is logical and woman is emotional. Women admit to getting mixed up so men have to really get to know one woman to start to understand the emotional mysteries.

There is no doubt that hormones are responsible for how a woman feels, and they can change by the hour, and certainly during the monthly cycle.

It is hard for a woman. One told me recently “Everything sucks right now. I know it’s a phase and it will pass. But men rule this world and I’m tired of being pulled back by just the fact that I’m a woman. It still happens, believe me. Apart from the hormones! Men don’t need to go through any of that. Having an uterus sucks big time.”

So is there more to it than hormones?

A man can say “But you said….”  The woman will reply – “Yes that was my feeling that day, but today I feel….”  A woman’s prerogative is to change her mind.

As 20th Century Indian Mystic Osho said “Just love a woman, don’t try to understand her”. And if she is angry, give her a big kiss and a hug…. Or more….. and be present and focussed on her.

When individually we move from “the battle of the sexes” to harmony and understanding, then relationships will improve too. So guys, if she promised something, live without expectation to avoid disappointment if it does not happen!