Seville… a vibrant, artistic shopping destination in the Capital of Andalusia

Triana Triana Guadalquivir River Desigual display Fashion show El Tenderete Bar

In spite of not being a fashion capital, Seville offers an alternative selection of artisan fashion, a colourful mix of urban, bohemian and Latin styles, which make the small boutiques with Andalusia characteristics so unique and attractive to its visitors.

Among the most appealing and interesting of pieces are the very fine handmade jewellery. Some of these designs are inspired by flamenco and Arabic styles and they may be slightly pricey since they are handmade and have very peculiar designs. However, a short walk down to Triana, on the outskirts of the Seville historical centre, just by the river bank of the Guadalquivir, the Sunday artisan market opens from 10am till about 3pm. Here, different artists sell their designs for a much cheaper price. The items that one can find at this market can range from knitted bracelets and necklaces to very particular handbags, scarfs and shawls, amongst other items, such as scented organic soaps.

Returning to the main shopping streets of Seville, one cannot forget to mention one of Spain’s most popular high street brands, Desigual. Just like the Spanish people, this brand is fun and sassy with creative colourful designs which transmit optimism. This is also reflected in the shops’ interiors and displays which are always edgy and quirky with constant new features, making this a shop that will definitely capture your attention. Desigual, undoubtedly mirrors the spirit of the city, a combination of history, art and fashion.

Numerous fashion shows are also often held at the astonishing historical plazas during the evenings. Most of these feature incredible collections by local designers. Seville has a very lively and varied shopping scene. The large shops and shopping malls such as “La Corte Ingles” are open all day, but the smaller ones still follow the tradition of afternoon siesta and usually close. The main street for shopping is Calle Sierpes, and parallel to this, one will find Calle Tetuan and Cuna. In Sierpes, one cannot avoid visiting ‘Sombreria Maquenado’, which is the city’s oldest hat shop. It is a must for all hat lovers and collectors since the ‘Jipijapa’ panama hat, was sold for the first time at this shop.

After an insatiable appetite for shopping, any avid traveller will not pass the opportunity to go to ‘El Tenderete’, situated in the Barrio of Santa Cruz. It is the perfect stop-over to try some tapas before heading to watch a flamenco show. This bar offers a wide selection of diverse port wines and exquisite traditional tapas such as the: Salmorejo (casserole of tomato and cold bread garnished with chopped up egg and Iberian ham); Tortilla with garlic and whiskey sauce; and Morcilla
de Arroz (black pork sausage stuffed with rice). These tapas are further enhanced if accompanied by a port wine a l’orange.
This bar, like many others offers exceptional interior decor with antique artifacts. This enchanting City is definitely a place to be visited by all fashion lovers who would love to add a unique touch to their look and purchase artistic and sophisticated fashion items and artefacts.  Its historical centre, with its typical Andalusian architecture, live flamenco music, international art students and wine sommeliers lounging around the various tiny bars, will surely engulf you in its magical atmosphere.