Morning Wedding Guest Make-up

Look Out! It’s that time of the year again – it’s Wedding Season!

One of the most common questions my friends ask me is how should I do my make-up for a morning wedding?

With morning weddings keep two things in mind – durability and a natural look but not too natural!

First of all, invest in a good face and eye primer. You have no idea the difference they make! Not only does your make-up stay put, but, a good primer smoothens and preps your face. Apart from that, remember the weather is changing, so you will tend to get oily especially during the day!

With that being said, onto my next point! If you suffer from oily skin, do invest in an oil-free foundation. Powder your face and do take your powder with you or at least some blotting sheets.

Keep your make-up fairly natural but do apply some colour! As you can see from the make-up on my lovely model Lorraine, I used some nice pink tones on the lid and used a dark purple as a crease colour. Avoid black or very glittery eye shadow since it will be too much.

With regards to your eyeliner, try using a different colour rather than black, I actually used a dark purple on Lorraine in order to add a bit of depth but at the same time the look is not overpowering.

Go for a natural shade of lipstick, a natural colour can do the trick. You can also choose to wear red lipstick, but, avoid wearing a dark or bright shade of red, and remember, it’s either going bold on the eyes or the lips!

I hope you found these tips useful and if you would like some advice on how you should apply your make-up, do leave a message.