Wrinkles not welcome on the Red Carpet!

When viewing stars on TV walking the red carpet, the number of wrinkles visible can barely be counted on one hand! So what is the secret?  Botox is a favourite with most super-stars getting it done early to preserve their youthful wrinkle-free skin and have been known to have it injected in their armpits to paralyze the sweat glands, thus making sure they don’t have sweaty patches. It is no wonder that contemporary stars never seem to grow a day older in a span of 10 to 20 years!

Botox injections were the most frequently requested cosmetic procedure in 2009, with more than 2.5 million performed that year in the United States alone. You may not believe it but Botox first began to be used in the 1970s and wrinkle-busting treatments were pioneered by cosmetic doctors in the early 80s.

Botox is injected with a teeny tiny needle into the muscles used in frowning and raising the eyebrows, as well as around the eyes to relax them and thus smooth out wrinkles. The treatment is completed within 15 – 20 minutes and it is relatively painless. More and more image-conscious Maltese are becoming fans of this fabulous treatment, although many prefer to be discreet… no wonder so many of your friends appear so mysteriously young even though you know very well how old they are!

Preservation is the main concept of Botox; therefore ideally this treatment is started when the first signs of fine lines appear. It really is the very best method to look more youthful without undergoing surgical procedures, which typically entail particular risks and a long recovery time.

Since most cosmetic treatments may be pricey, you could possibly presume the same of Botox treatments, but in reality it is reasonably priced – probably less than the total amount you spend at your hair stylist to keep your hair looking great!

It is safe, as long as you always make sure that a certified and qualified Doctor performs the treatment. Do not be afraid to check out how Botox can give you the confident beautiful looks you have been craving for!

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