Interview with Natalya Galdes

Name: Natalya Galdes

Age: 18

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Occupation: Sales Assistant

Where do you live? Sliema

Natalya, is a local model who needs no introduction. She has been seen in various local magazines, and has participated in a number of beauty contests. She is currently in a relationship with Bjorn Demicoli, who is also Mr Malta 2013, and although she has great prospects going for her, she is a sweet, down to earth girl who eagerly answered the few questions I had for her.

What inspired to you begin modelling?

When I was young I was bullied, being called names such as ugly duckling, so I suffered from very low self-esteem. As I grew older, I knew I wanted to put all this behind me and when I came across a few modelling courses, I realised that this is what I needed to rebuild my self-esteem and eventually my modelling took off from there.

Was it difficult to put yourself out there, or did someone lead you into the modelling industry?

I have Sue Rossi to thank, as she helped me in my first steps… At first it was difficult, as everything was new to me, but with Sue’s patience and guidance, I made it.

How long have you been modelling, which beauty contests have you participated in?

I have been modelling for 2 years now and have taken part in Miss Italia nel Mondo, Miss Face, Miss Summer, Miss European and Miss Glamorous.

Are you currently participating in any contests?

Yes, at the moment I am taking part in Miss Face, Miss Malta and Miss European for the second time.

What are your other interests apart from modelling?

I also love singing and dancing.

Do you plan to take your modelling career overseas and what are your future plans with modelling?

I’ve experienced modelling overseas in Portugal with Fashion Productions and in Miss European which was a blast. I do not, however, see modelling as part of my future, it is just a current hobby.

What aspects of the job do you hate?

Nothing, I challenge myself in everything.

How does it feel to have Mr Malta as your boyfriend?

Ha ha! Honoured. Seriously though, we do not involve our modelling in our relationship, it is something we both happen to enjoy doing.

Any advice you would give to girls who are aspiring to become models?

Do not give up. If you are determined you will succeed, and apart from that, once you are modelling, it is an amazing experience.