Let’s Talk hair: This Summer’s Hair Accessory – The Turban

I simply love this look! The Turban look dates back as far as the 17th century and has been worn by women, both as an expression of glamour and as a way to keep hair in place. During the 1930’s the Turban was a signified a well-travelled and educated women, by the 70’s women wore the Turban more as a hat rather than as a head wrap, letting their tresses hang softly.

With the start of summer many of us might feel the need to pull our hair back and keep our hair off our face due to the heat. Having beautiful tresses is not always possible during summer since many of us visit the beach regularly and may not indulge in a regular blow dry as we do during the winter season. The turban is a simple ideal solution to always look chic even on a bad hair day.

The Turban has evolved over the centuries to become one of fashion’s most alluring statement accessories. All you’ll be needing to create this look is a pretty head scarf, which could either be a towel wrap if you are going to the beach, a cotton scarf for a casual look or a silk scarf for a more sophisticated and chic evening look. Kate Moss showed up wearing a beautiful Turban to a Gala event to match her Mark Jacobs dress and was credited for bringing the accessory back into style!