Interview with Michael Naudi

Michael Naudi has been playing first Division basketball since 1995-6 and has won – a record breaking – five MVP Awards (Most Valuable Player of the Year). His team, Athleta Basketball Club, have won 8 leagues, 8 knock outs, 10 Super cups and 7 shields. They have also won the Bronze Medal in the FIBA European championships for group C.

What qualities do you appreciate in a woman? Do you expect her to be into sports too?

I like a woman that is relaxed and easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor and that you can share a beer with, you know, a woman who you can feel comfortable with in T-shirt or jeans, as well as look great in evening clothes. I find a women that dresses relaxed much sexier than dressed up – so jeans, cap and a beer is a winner :)

If she’s into sports it helps, but it’s not the end of the world if she’s not… but I like a woman who likes to train and keep in shape.

Are you really told to refrain from doing the deed before an important game? …And do you follow instructions?

Actually no, I play better if I do the deed the night before, ha ha somehow it helps in my opinion…

How has playing basketball effected other areas of your life?

You give up a lot of days training and miss a lot of weekends during the season so sometimes social life suffers. I’m sure it’s not easy for partners sometimes as they have to get used to the long days during the week, with training and games during the weekends…

What fitness tips have you got for women wanting to get in shape for summer?

Take the first step and start anything, don’t plan for the days to come, just start and build a routine, it’s also good to find a workout partner that is maybe in better shape than you and can drive you to train harder.

Do you have a special ritual or lucky charm you use before a game?

I listen to the same music before games and usually drive the same route to the game, however, if I lose I change everything for a few games :)

What best describes your preferences –

Sweet tooth or savoury?


City slick or nature boy?

City boy, but for short breaks I don’t mind nature

Luxury or adventure?

A good dose of both is good but I like something that involves adventure

Bums or boobs?

I’ll go for a nice bum with nice boobs – both interesting ha ha – but if I had to choose I’d definitely go for bums