Stand-up and Get Noticed

A sense of humour has to be the most important part of one’s character. I don’t think one can get through life without seeing the funny side of things. There are many great things about life, but there are also quite a few horrible things and I find the best way to deal with such issues is by finding something humorous in them.

Hence why I love stand-up comedy. It’s often the case that comedians take normal and mundane situations to turn them into hilarious accounts. I love watching and performing stand-up.

I find that the key to a great stand-up routine is simple: honesty. Just brutal honesty. And perhaps a bit of fearlessness. And it’s about helping others realise that something negative can be given a positive spin. If a positive spin cannot possibly be found, and least one can try to appreciate the irony… for example, how I love to use my treadmill while watching the Food Network. However, that happens to be my style. It’s amazing how different comedians can make an audience laugh in completely different ways. There are some who rant, there are some who are macho, pun lovers and just plain goofy.

I’m so happy that this genre of humour is becoming ever more popular in Malta and we have so many talented comedians simply crawling out of the wood work…or in Malta’s case, the limestone! I strongly suggest to attend a Maltese stand-up event – you’ll laugh your flip flops off!