Dos and Don’ts For The Apple

An apple shaped woman is a woman who carries most of her weight in the upper half of her body. Generally, the bust and arms are somewhat larger and she’d have a bit of a belly, also the shoulder width of an apple shaped woman is generally larger than the hip width.

For every body shape, there are a number of dos and don’ts that go a long way in helping a person look more fabulous. Today the focus is on the apple.

Dos for an Apple

Show off your legs; your legs are your best asset, draw attention to them by wearing short skirts and shorts.

Wear a one piece swimsuit, very flattering on an apple.

Wear belts to define the waistline, choose the narrowest part of your stomach area; this is generally right under the bust area for an apple.

Fasten belts at the side if possible so as not to add bulk to your middle area.

Wear stripes on your lower half, these will add width to your lower half making your body appear more balanced.

If your bust is nice and full, then show it off! Wear a low cut neckline and draw attention upwards away from your stomach.

Wear flared skirts/trousers to balance out broad shoulders.

Wear layers – layering cardigans and jackets over slouchy tops really diminish stomach bulk and also create a smart tailored chic look.

Don’ts for a Apple

Don’t wear halter-neck tops/dresses. These generate perceived extra broadness to the shoulder area – not something you want to do.

Don’t wear baggy, oversized trousers/jeans – you want to show off your best features not hide them.

Don’t wear very tight trousers, they overemphasise the legs and by comparison, make your stomach seem bigger.

Don’t ever wear horizontal stripes on your upper body. NEVER ever.

Don’t wear leggings as pants, yes you have nice legs but you will just end up looking like Humpty Dumpty. Plus they are ugly.

Don’t wear tight tops… for obvious reasons. Highlighting fatter areas is never a smart idea.

Don’t wear trousers that are too tight on the waistline as this will give you the dreaded muffin top feature.

There you have it. So now Apples, you have been given the wisdom to make the right choices, go forth and look fabulous!