Nip Lit

A group of women in New York have decided to form a book club. A topless book club.

‘That is ridiculous’ I thought when I first heard. After all who would only want to read the bottom of a book.

Then I realized that I had got the wrong end of the mammary stick.

You see these girls wanted to take advantage of a New York law that states that women can go topless anywhere that men can. And they decided that the best way to do that was to meet together in public places like central park (strength in numbers), take their bras off… and yank out the soft backs. As it were.

Obviously we all agree that reading is good for you. However there is much more to this group. A spokesperson said ‘The more we show people that seeing a woman’s nipples won’t cause the sky to fall, the more freedom and equality women will enjoy’.

Here. Here. I’ll even lend you my ‘Da Vinci Code?’