Fun facts I’m sure you didn’t know!


Did you know that talking to yourself in the mirror actually makes you smarter?

When someone is angry, never forget what they say, as generally it is the truth! Oh dear.

80% of people say that they manage to get a better sleep when sleeping on the cold side of the pillow. Ever tried it?

A physiological claim says that if two people who were once lovers,  and can still be friends, it’s either because they are still in love or never loved each other at all. Think about it!

The people who pretend or make it seem as if they don’t care, are likely to be people who care more than anyone else.

If you sleep for an extra 2 hours in the morning or any-time during the day, it is known to help your body burn 100 calories!

In the 13th Century the word ‘Nice’ used to mean ‘foolish and stupid’. I guess times have changed!

A jealous woman is apparently better at investigating and researching than the FBI themselves! – How many of you have actually felt that way?

You know that Monday morning feeling… according to studies Monday is linked to stress. Ever felt it hard to smile, be happy or laugh on this day? – Well, unless you’re going on holiday that is!